A Day With Stryker

My entire life, I have been a people-oriented individual. I love being surrounded by others, and thrive when I am with those who mean the most to me. I have always found satisfaction in giving back to not only my loved ones, but my local community. It says a lot about someone when they are aware of the value that relationships carry, and the positive impact giving back can have on others.

These are values that I carry with me in my everyday life. As I begin to navigate the beginnings of my professional career, I am constantly looking at a company’s values and determining if they align with my own.

When I saw that Stryker was hosting an Industry Day specifically for Cal Poly students, it immediately piqued my interest. Through word-of-mouth and my own research, I knew that the company emphasized the importance of corporate responsibility and worked on philanthropic projects with a global impact. But that was the extent of my knowledge.

After hearing from Stryker employees about their personal experiences with the company, I learned that the company works with Operation Smile to perform free cleft lip surgeries for people in developing countries. They host missions and volunteer with organizations around the world like Red Cross.

I also found that the people-driven mission statement translated not only into their philanthropic work, but also the culture at Stryker. The company promotes a collaborative environment and is deeply invested in the wellbeing of their employees with diversity and inclusion programs like Stryker’s Women’s Network (SWN) and Stryker’s Allies for Equality (safe). The company has received numerous accolades for their accomplishments in establishing several aspects of their workplace, from being recognized as a LinkedIn top company of 2018 and Fortune’s Best Workplace for Giving Back.

Hearing directly from executives at the company solidified my confidence in the company’s values. If anything, it showed me what I should look for when determining what kind of company I would like to work for in the future.I know now that pursuing any opportunities to see real-world applications of my interests is important. Any way that you can gain a firsthand perspective into a company has the potential to show you what type of workplace culture appeals to you and how you might fit into it.


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