My Goals for Winter Quarter

Coming into the new year, I was extremely excited and motivated to start with a fresh mindset. Taking on new leadership opportunities, getting more involved on campus, and looking toward studying abroad later in the year were just a few of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of winter quarter. I have found that setting tangible, measurable, and most importantly, achievable, goals for myself is the best way to ensure I get work done and remain productive.

There is no better way to hold myself accountable than to share it on my blog. Maybe this will motivate you to set some goals for yourself as well. In my post “The Pursuit of the Future,” I touched on the fact that sometimes setting small goals in order to reach your bigger dreams can help guide you towards those aspirations. And going into this quarter, that’s what I have aimed to do.

1. Maintain a high GPA (but without burning out)

Academics are important. I was tunnel-focused on my grades during high school, taking a total of ten AP classes and making my GPA my first priority. Since coming to college I have learned how to balance my life a little more, taking time to enjoy myself, my town, and my friends. But my GPA is still a priority — and this quarter I would like to keep my grades up. I am taking a full 16-unit quarter with three major courses and one minor course, which is manageable. But I’m also committed to a lot of outside activities, organizations, and projects.

College burn-out is too real. Last winter quarter, I made the mistake of pushing myself to never stop working and I subsequently fell off my responsibilities right before finals week came around. I was skipping class and putting off my assignments. And all the work I had done prior to that suddenly became insignificant. Learning to take breaks and manage my schedule properly is a huge goal of mine this quarter.

2. Finalize study abroad for the upcoming fall

Going into college, I knew that I wanted to study abroad. I have always loved travelling and the prospect of getting to live in a foreign country rather than just visit has always  been exciting.

I am planning to study abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand through the USAC study abroad program with one of my close friends from Cal Poly. Although I am of Japanese and Chinese descent, I have never been to any countries in Asia. Living in Thailand and being able to visit neighboring countries would be amazing. There is so much to learn from other cultures and I’d love to immerse myself in a place like Thailand.

While figuring out all the logistics has been difficult, I know that once I am there it will be worth it. If it works out, I will be away from the middle of August through December. I am hoping to have it figured out by the end of the quarter, so fingers crossed!

3. Get more involved with organizations on campus

As it is already week four, I’d like to think of this as the one goal I have made a huge focus so far. I’ve continued my previous involvements with organizations on campus, but have most recently joined the strategic marketing team for Women in Business‘ annual Defining Her Future conference. Featuring guest speakers, panels, breakout sessions, and more, the conference attracts 500+ attendees. I have been involved with WIB since my first quarter at Cal Poly and am excited to have a part in planning the conference.

I’ve learned that getting involved with groups on campus is what makes my college experience valuable. Through clubs like Women in Business, I’ve realized what specifically in marketing that I am passionate about. And then organizations like Mustang News have shown me real-world applications of those passions. Alpha Kappa Psi has given me amazing friends and supporters, and shown me the value of working hard in order to build your resume and network with industry professionals. These experiences outside of the classroom have truly made my time at Cal Poly so notable.

4. Meet new people!

Although having meaningful involvement with select groups on campus is important, I still want to put myself out and meet other people on campus. As a business student, it is easy to end up only being friends with business students. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, joining Mustang News showed me that there are entire communities on campus that I have yet to explore. Growing professionally and academically is huge in college — but so is growing socially. I love and appreciate all the good friends I’ve made at Cal Poly, but I’d love to challenge myself to meet new people.

Winter quarter at Cal Poly is always considered a time to hunker down and get to work, but I want to make the most of it. Keeping my grades up while still having fun and enjoying my time in college is my main goal as I approach the middle of the quarter. Midterms have started but there are loads of fun events coming up (concerts, club activities, trips, conferences, etc.). I am looking forward to making this one of the best quarters yet. 🙂


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