Two Days and Forty Six Awards

My second year of college: a crazy, challenging, fun, busy ride. I went into fall quarter with a heavier schedule, taking on two new jobs and wanting to make the most of my time at Cal Poly after settling in during my first year.

Most notably, I joined the social media team at Mustang News. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my team, which is painstakingly clear by the number of times I’ve posted — or more like spammed — Instagram stories about the work we’ve been doing. I’ve been able to form meaningful friendships and work with students I would have never otherwise encountered on campus.

I’ve also learned a lot. Integrating social media strategy into an organization, creating visual content with Adobe software, and working with a diverse group of students have all built up my skill sets as both a leader and as someone interested in content marketing as a career.

the staff of mustang media group at acp/cmbam

This past weekend, I joined 51 other students from Mustang Media Group at the ACP/CMBAM Midwinter National College Journalism Convention. Students from college publications all over the country met in La Jolla at the Hyatt Regency. We were able to attend speaker sessions, workshops, and network with a number of industry professionals. Several students from our organization spoke at the conference, including my manager, Lauren, who led a session about storytelling through social media.

But the most exciting part of the conference was on Saturday when the awards were being announced. Mustang Media Group won 26 state-wide awards, with social taking home two from the California College Media Awards (CCMA) banquet. Later in the night at the CMBAM awards banquet, Mustang Media Group was recognized as the second-best Media Company of the Year in the nation and my manager was recognized for Best Audience Engagement Strategy. In total, we took home 46 media awards.

mustang news social team at acp/cmbam

Everyone on staff was incredibly excited, and I could not be more proud to be part of such an amazing organization. I’ve only been part of the team for less than two quarters, but I know that my involvement will be continuing in the future. I’ve truly seen the value in dedicating myself to an organization and a team, and I look forward to the rest of my work with the social media team at Mustang News.

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