Goodbye, Encinitas

A Summer Away From Home

When I made the decision to move eight hours up the coast from home, I knew it was going to be a change – but I couldn’t have anticipated just how much.

I had never been forced to be this independent or self-sustaining. For my entire life, those couple of months between the long stretches of schooling were uneventful. I was used to working part-time behind a register and minding my own business.

But I was coming to the bay area completely on my own accord – I was pursuing a full-time internship at a big corporation, paying my own rent, driving my own car. After my mom helped me make the drive up north and move in all my belongings, the summer was completely in my own hands.

And I loved it.

It took some getting used to – developing a new routine, budgeting my income and my expenses, and learning how to live in a new place. Of course, I had the support of nearby friends and relied entirely on that 40-minute drive north to see the people that mattered most.

But I was able to grow a lot. In learning how to live alone and be completely self-sustaining, I developed a new sense of confidence in myself. I was learning new skills at my job, meeting all kinds of new people, and thrusting myself into this new – although temporary – way of life.

If anything, I’ve learned that breaking that bubble of familiarity and comfort and pushing yourself to do something challenging comes with a sense of excitement that is completely novel.

Getting out out of my comfort zone makes me want to push those boundaries even more next summer. I figured out what makes me excited, whether that in the job I want or just in small details of living life in a new place. Getting a taste of working life just makes me want so desperately to thrust myself somewhere else once I graduate from school. I’d love to explore the east coast, or live in a bigger city.

But for now, I’m enjoying the last couple weeks of my internship and soaking up this newfound sense of freedom. 🙂

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